If any scholars or professional practioners wants to join the Korean Association for Religious Studies (KARS), they need to register by the association homepage as they either pay the annual or lifetime membership fee (see below).


Once, you have completed the membership process, they will officially be a full member and are allowed to involve the relevant events including submitting a paper for the association journal (KJRS).


1. Full Membership

1) Those who work at the domestic or international institution (academics).
2) Those who work as a researcher or professional staff at religious organisations.
3) Those who have completed, or are taking a post-graduate degree in religious studies.
4) Those who are qualified like the cases of above 1), 2), and 3).


2. Honourable Membership

Those who are individual or an organization, support or contribute for the development and operation of the association, and being recommended by the board.


3. Lifetime Membership

Those who paid a lifetime fee according to the laws of the association.


4. Advisor

Those who were former chairmen of the association or are dedicate for the development of the association and then to be recommended at the annual meeting of the association with honor of the board.


5. Annual Membership Fee (annual)

• Individual: $50 (or lifetime fee: $500)

• Research student: $20

• Organization or group: $50 (or lifetime fee: $600)


⇒ Bank Details:


Name of Bank: Woori Bank, South Korea
Name of Organisation: Korean Association for Religious Studies
Account Number: 1005-702-503583
Bank Address: Building 5-301-2, Seoul National University, 1, Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Reference: Payer’s name