KARS Journal Format

1. Word

The total word of paper should be 7000-9,000 words including abstract and footnotes. If the paper is more than that words it will be charged an extra cost ($10 per page). If the page number is more than 10,000 words, the fee for publication will be doubled and the length of the paper will be advised by the editor(s) of the journal in the process of edition.


2. Style

1) Font: Times New Roman (mainly)

2) Size: body 10p, footnote 9p, and quotation 9p,

3) Space: double spaces

4) Margin: left and right are 3cm, top is 2cm, bottom is 1.5cm. (introduction and conclusion are 1.5cm)

5) The article should be submitted in word (.doc or .docx) or hwp file.


3. Language

English and Korean are the official languages of the journal, but if necessary of Chinese character in the paper, it should be included with bracket. Any language is also permitted, but it at first time has to be written along with Korean in a bracket.


4. Content

The paper ought to be compounded with title, abstract (150-200 words), body, footnote, reference, (diagram, picture, and index).


5. Personal Information

Name of author needs to be under the title. The affiliation and contact numbers (email and phone number) are at the first footnote. If required of the word ‘thanksgiving’ or/and the expression of funding details, those may be at the first footnote as well.


6. Quotation Style

The quotation style of the journal follows the style of Chicago Manual of Style (16th edition): author-date. Please see,