About us

The Korean Association for Religious Studies (KARS) has played a major role of Humanities and Social Science for the development of Korean Religious Studies over forty years since 1970. The major activities of the KARS were not only to encourage the research activities but also connect local and international scholars for collaborated projects for the prosperity of Religious Studies. The Korean Association also has been hosting annual and special conferences, colloquia, and symposia to offer the opportunity of exchanging knowledge. The creative and theoretical approaches ultimately brought the result of publication as new ideas of history, sociology, culture, literature, archaeology, gender, education, and Korean identity. The Korean Association particularly publishes a peer-reviewed journal called, Korean Journal of Religious Studies (KJRS) which has four volumes per year. The Association promotes members of the academic community and practitioners to develop the field of Religious Studies through introducing the new phenomenon of global religious movements and sharing the current issues of international religious studies


The Korean Association strives to develop the theories of Religious Studies and methodology. The leadership and members especially have performed, in a broad way, the diverse critical mind to explore the religious formation and culture of Korea and other ethnics. Also, the academic organization selectively summarized the results of such researches while arranging conferences from an international perspective based on the research outputs of domestic and international religious and interdisciplinary scholars. Korean Association will continuously establish the social, cultural and academic foundation of domestic researchers through creative research proposals, as well as committing a leadership to improve the development and achievement of the internationally recognized Korean religious studies.